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We believe that coolers should work better...

Coolers should keep items colder longer and not turn into a bucket full of slushy water with wet food particles floating around. That is why we invented the Ice Bullet - the Original containment device that allows you to Freeze Your Cans.

We have all been there, you reach into your cooler for a nice cold beverage towards the end of a long journey and instead, you feel dirty slushy water and a few warm cans floating around. We discovered that by replacing ice with your favorite frozen beverage, you can confidently reach in and find several crisp cold ones. So stop packing ice, keep your cooler colder longer with your favorite frozen beverage and Freeze Your Cans with the Ice Bullet…no ice required!

easy to use: Load - Lock - Freeze - Repeat

"Is your cooler stocked and loaded?"
A portion of our proceeds help support National Parks & Wildlife charities.