Your cooler should stay colder longer and not become a soggy pool of wet food particles.

How To Use Ice Bullet

We love our high-end coolers and wouldn’t trade them for anything, but just like all our other toys, we want to accessorize them so they work at peak performance.

From a short 3-hour hike to a 5-day raft trip the Icebullet will allow your cooler to be customized for the adventure you are on.

A few hours
Skip the cooler just toss a few frozen cans in your pack or bag and by the time you reach the end of your adventure your drinks are thawed yet still cold.

One day
Skip the blue ice and use a frozen can to keep food and snacks cold all day in a lunch box or soft side cooler then at the end of the day crack the can and enjoy a cold one.

Pack your cooler with some frozen cans of beer to keep your drinks and food cold without the need for ice.

Stand your cooler on end and use it as a mini fridge

Delicate items can be stored on the top shelf for easy access without being crushed.
Without the fear of melting ice, your cooler can lay on its back

Ice Bullet means no more cooler half full of
melted ice and floating soggy food.
Longer adventures are where IceBullet shines. Packing a cooler full of frozen cans, cramming available open space with ice creates a massive cold cooler that will last for days.

Design theory
The Icebullet is designed to fully encapsulate a standard 12 oz can of beer and supply additional reinforcement to the structurally weak end of the can (Top of the can) while at the same time turning the structurally strong end of the can (Bottom of the can) into the weakest area.

During the transition from a liquid state to a solid state, the expansion of liquid will take the path of least resistance and if needed force the bottom of the can to deform or pop out. Once the transition from the liquid phase to a solid phase is complete the now frozen solid beer can, can be removed from the encapsulation of the Icebullet and stored in the freezer in its natural form.

When ready for use frozen cans can be removed from the freezer and loaded into a cooler to keep other items cold or can be left uninsulated for quicker thawing and eventual consumption in a few hours.

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